Why Do We Exist?

Every one of our consultants has extensive experiences in studying abroad and working overseas

Learned from their experiences, our consultants know more about Chinese international students' needs in every way possible, so they can provide more valuable advice and suggestions.

Since 2006, Guangson had helped over 10,000 international students every year. Guided them to be admitted to their favorite colleges and universities, and helped them planning their life in Canada.

In our team at Guangson, we have our own Crown Counsels, Education Consultants, Financial Consultants, Notary Public, and Registered Accountants. Every one of our service consultants has extensive experiences in studying, living and working abroad.

More importantly, we treat every customer like our family, evaluate their current situation and give our suggestions. We truly hope that with our hard work, we can be the top pick of our customers.

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Perfect Services

Helping international student facing all difficult situations including Visa, School, Employment, Custodian, Homestay and Tax.

Elite Team

Our team includes Crown Counsels, Education Consultants, Financial Consultants, Notary Public, and Registered Accountants. Every one of our service consultants has extensive experiences in studying, living and working abroad.

Over 60,000 Successful Cases

Students have over 90% admission rate and scholarship with help from Guangson.

  • Journey: 1

    1 elite team that serves all international students from oversea with professional knowledge.

  • Journey: 6

    9 locations, from British Columbia, Ontario, and Beijing China.

  • Journey: 10

    13 years of serving international students. We speak from experiences and offers the best services abroad.

  • Journey: 40

    45 professional team members. A strong team to help students who are away from home.

  • Journey: 99.2

    With over 99.2% visa application approval rate.

  • Journey: 15000

    Until 2016, Guangson Consulting has provided professional services to over 15000 international students.


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Our Team

40 Professional team members. We know, becuase we were once international students too.


Founder and CEO of Guangson Consulting. Leader of the industry.


Graduated from UBC Sauder School of Business. ICCRC Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultant. Head of immigration consultant in Guangson Consulting. Expert of North American immigration planning. Certified notary of the government of B.C. Processed thousands of successful cases.


Has over 10 years of experience in public accounting. Familiar with financial and tax system in China, Canada, and the United States of America. Provides professional, efficient financial services of overseas investment.


Top expert of Quebec Business Immigration. Investment Immigration Lawyer. Expert in Chinese and international commercial law. Devoted to providing high-end professional legal services for overseas investment.


Former Visa Specialist of CIC. ICCRC Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultant. Specialize in skilled worker programs, BC PNP applications. Familiar with all application process and details. Processed thousands of successful cases.


Senior case processing manager. Global visa specialist. Over 10 years of experience in case processing and visa services. Good at navigating complex immigration and visa issues. Outstanding success rate.


Senior Account Manager, Business Consultant. Access to the full range of financial services through RBC. Intensive experience in managing the business and personal banking needs. Providing sound solution for your any investment.


Senior Consultant of Insurance & Investment. Expertise in risk management, foreign assets declaration, investment and insurance planning. Devoted to providing the best overall solution for your investment and insurance.


MBA. ICCRC Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultant. Member of Canadian Association of Professional Immigration Consultants (CAPIC). Processed thousands of successful cases. Focus on Investor and Entrepreneur Immigration and LMIA.

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Bring Your Dreams to Reality, Simplify Your Life

As this was my first time studying abroad, I wanted to live in a Chinese family here. My school process things like this, so they recommended Guangson Consulting to me. It took them only 2 days to find me a really good Chinese homestay family. The family came from Shanghai. Both people are well educated. The husband was a professor at Shanghai Fudan University, and the wife is an engineer in chemistry industry. They helped with my study a lot, especially with IELTS. With their help, I achieved a 6.5 in my IELTS score, and successfully admitted to my favorite university. I really appreciate Guangson Consulting for finding me such an awesome homestay.

Student: Jacky,Li

We only started to look for accommodation after my kid's visa got approved. Guangson managed to find us a since homestay family in only 3 days. It's a local family. My kid received a welcome letter soon after that. They introduced themselves and the family to my kid and even sent a photo to help my kid recognize her in the airport. We are very touched by their thoughtfulness. They helped my kid through a very hard time at the beginning of studying abroad.

Student's parent: Mr. Xu

This is my first time living another country. Since my parents were busy, they weren't able to company me on my way here to Canada. I was so nervous and didn't know what to do. But everything was better when I saw Guangson Consulting's custodian specialist waiting for me with a sign at the airport. They took me to my school and get registered, asked me tons of question that I haven't even thought about. After everything, they took me to my homestay family and talked to them, asked them to take care of me. It really made me feel like being at home.

Jiaxin Y

I was underage when I first came to Canada. So I asked my aunt who moved to Canada earlier to be my guardian. However, when the new semester started this year, my school told me that my study permit was expired and I have to renew it in order to continue my study. My aunt didn't know how to process that. Then I went to Guangson Consulting recommended by my classmate, applied for their custodian services. They successfully renewed my study permit! Now, my custodian can help me enroll classes, and have parents' meetings. I can even talk to her about choosing a major. It felt like being guided by someone who had been through all these before. I appreciated it very much!

Student: Della Jiang